5 Reasons To Visit Karelia, Russia

Tourist interest in Karelia has been rapidly growing every year, and this is due to the fact that there is a unique nature, cultural attractions, northern lights,lakes, caves and excellent opportunities for outdoor activities. “Kaleva Tour”team has prepared for you 5 reasons why you should visit Karelia at least once,and if you like it, you should come more often and discover new facets of this amazing place. So, we find out what you can see in Karelia and what to do there:

1. Nature

Summer vocation in Karelia is pure pleasure and pacification. Despite the fact that the weather in Karelia is cool in summer, the natural opportunities still provides lot of fascinating possibilities; and +16 degrees above zero will not confuse anyone here. Summer in Karelia is a time of outdoor activities, fishing, hiking trails. Rafting enthusiasts come here, and on a yacht or boat you can take scenic walk along Lake Ladoga or Onega. There are both long rafting and hiking,and for how many hours. Professionals love these places, and beginners are comfortable here thanks to the developed accompanying infrastructure and security.

Most of the tourists arriving to Karelia are nature lovers, and extreme people who choose for instance kayaking trips. Everyone will find something special for yourself there.In summer there is fishing, and nature, and historical places, but in winter hiking in the winter forest, winter fishing, downhill skiing, snowmobiling,snowboarding, husky rides and of course sauna to keep yourself warm.

Recently, "cultural" jeep tours have been developing along dirt and forest roads with stops and visiting churches of the 17th-18th centuries. The Karelia Trophy jeep competitions are also held here. Also, the territory of Karelia is part of the Blue Road international tourist route through Norway, Sweden, Finland and Russia. And in Karelia 60 thousand lakes and 27 thousand rivers. They say that on average for each family in Karelia consisting of three generations there is one lake.

2. Hunting & Fishing

‍The Republic of Karelia is a destination where hunting and fishing attracts tourists from all over the world. The places here are rich in fish and animals. But you need a license to hunt. Here you can even book special hunting tours, during which you can live in hunting houses, and a huntsman guide will accompany you. In addition, there is everything you need for beginners. Well, what can we say about hunter-fans, here is paradise for them. You can fish for pike and perch on Lake Syamozero, salmon and grayling in the central regions, and on the Piaozero fish, trout and other fish. And Lake Onega is also attacked by fishing enthusiasts, because there are more than 47 species of fish! What can we say about the catch, which can be tasted, and in any store to buy fresh or smoked fish at affordable prices.

3. Travel Destinations

There are a lot of attractions in Karelia: churches, museums, Kivach waterfall, Marcial waters, mineral spas, nature reserves, rocks, caves. And all this surrounded by untouched nature! Ancient monasteries of the 14th-15th centuries, the Solovki Museum-Reserve, the Ruskeala Mountain Park and the Marble Canyon. Karelia provides an opportunity to get acquainted with the cultural heritage of Karelians, Finns, Swedes. Kizhi island with monuments of wooden architecture and the island of Valaam with the famous Valaam monastery are places of spiritual power and attract pilgrims from all over the world and are included in the UNESCO cultural heritage list. And you should definitely look at petroglyphs - cave paintings that are more than 5,000 years old (!). They are one of the first evidence of the writing and culture of ancient man.

4. Unique Shopping Experience

Unique souvenirs can be brought from Karelia. First of all, products from Karelian birch and shungite are famous here. And also - authentic jewelry, leather and wood products. Cosmetics based on medicinal Karelian herbs and berries are very popular. And, of course, fish, caviar and various delicacies of local production and natural products. Also, famous Karelian balsam infused on 30 herbs provides a therapeutic effect, you will always remember.

5. Low Costs

Holidays in Karelia can be called a budget option because during such an excursion tour in a couple of days you can see the sights of Petrozavodsk and the cultural and natural sites of Karelia. In addition, travel agencies offer active leisure activities - rafting, sea trips with instructors. There are weekend tours or romantic trips to Karelia. So if you want something unusual, you can discover a new part of the globe and visit Karelia this summer. Or in winter - skiing, watch the northern lights and warm yourself with fragrant tea from Karelian herbs. Weekends in Karelia can deepen you in pure nature, with the power of the earth and cultural heritage. All this complements is a great opportunity to actively relax, walk around in beautiful places, be filled with energy and the spirit of nature and, of course, take with you only the best and most vivid memories. And, perhaps, the desire to return again.

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