Top 6 Experiences In Karelia

Karelia is a magical place, full of natural beauty and calm, it’s stunning combination of rocks and pine trees and is one of the most popular tourist regions in Russia. The list of experiences and things to do it offers is as rich as it’s nature, and we’ve compiled a list of some of the best.


1. Get active in Ruskeala

The marble park Ruskeala is great for lovers of active leisure. Apart from hiking in some breathtaking places, you can rent a boat to appreciate the beauty of Marble Lake and explore the small caves. Pay attention to the marble shores – many landmark Saint Petersburg buildings are built from this particular marble.

2. Art of Winter

The central event of winter is the International Competition of Snow and Ice Sculptures. On its final day, on the embankment of Lake Onega, from the huge cubes of dense snow and transparent ice grow amazing exhibits - the works of sculptors. Illuminated in the evening by bright lights, sculptures continue to delight everyone until the first rays of the spring sun, creating a special atmosphere of the northern mystery.

The event offers to residents and guests of Petrozavodsk: fancy-dress carnival procession, family contests of snowmen, winter swimming and ice fishing competitions, traditional games and much, much more.

3. Explore ancient Russia in Kizhi Island

The church in Kizhi is the great example of the traditional Russian architecture. Kizhi architectural ensemble is included in UNESCO Heritage, and the view of the island once you will be approaching it, will stay in your memory forever. The most curious about Kizhi is that such a beauty was constructed several centuries ago by anonymous architect, without plan, draft neither using any metal nails.

And you even cannot imagine how beautiful are the sunsets in Kizhi Island you can literally feel yourself as Antoine de Saint-Exupery’s Little Prince.

4. Visit Valaam island

The religious center and a very special place, Valaam can be a greatweekend getaway from St Petersburg. In warm season, there are regular shipscruising to Valaam for several days: you get to explore the island by foot inthe day and to sleep on the ship at night.

5. Learn how to dog sledge

Get active and interact with some of the most amazing dogs on the planet during the dog sledge winter safari. The best place to do that is Pryazhinski disctrict, and the best time is when the weather is stable above zero and with lots of snow. You will get a quick lesson how to lead the dogs and will be ready to explore wonders of Karelia.

6. Taste Karelian cuisine

In every journey we want to get a taste of the country or place through it's cuisine, and Karelia has a lot to offer there. As all northern cuisine, it is simple but tasty and energizing. The must-try are kalitki with potatoes.They look a lot like pirogi and are always served hot. It is a custom to put butter on top of kalitki which makes them even tastier – goodbye diet.

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